Although I no longer grind my own ink these teachings have informed my works on paper since learning the fundamentals of Sumi-e The Japanese way of the brush. As a teenager, I was so lucky to have a well known Sumi-e artist in Kuranda who taught me these techniques. Similar to the taoist calligraphy paintings it was all about balancing the yin and yang, using the whole arm and shoulder to make marks, loading the brush and achieving the right gradation of ink to water. I have since modified these techniques, making them into my own style, mixing black ink with acrylic carbon black and Prussian blue paint at just the right consistency to work with.

I love drawing, paper is an unforgiving medium to work on…there’s no cover ups..what you see is what you get, and it’s kind of like a direct line into the artists mind. I use a lot of water in my work…( yep one day I’ll share a photo of my studio floor )  controlling the drips and blowing the water+ paint in the right direction. I work on hot pressed 300 gsm, traditional white, Italian Fabriano paper in the 10 meter roll with Derwent drawing pencils. You can check out more works on paper on my social media pages.