Tracy Dods, Artist

Tracy Dods's paintings merge acute social observation with poignant symbolic metaphor to illuminate the heart of the contemporary condition. The results are expressed in colours which are bold, true and beautiful. Her work is thoroughly infused with her unequivocal commitment to human freedom. She is an artist for our time.

"Although Tracy paints pictures of people walking into the sea, you know that this is a slightly dreamlike scenario, but it is also about an internal state, about loneliness, the possibility of self destruction. But for me that's almost too bleak for them, I liken them to perhaps Corbet or Casper David Fredrick's Figure on the mountaintop. This is the figure poised between being and not being... on the edge of consciousness which is a slightly more positive way of looking at humanity in the great void, the great cosmos." - Antony Bond, Assistant director of AGNSW

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Tracy Dods in her studio